︎Unconscious  无意识

Unconscious is Sinhui Teh’s interest and focus. She observed the habits of people unaware of their living circumstance and it reflects the on-going urbanization process in Johor Bahru Malaysia. This is an environmental aesthetic concern and she hopes to raise the awareness of urban aesthetic to the community Johor Bahru Malaysia.

“Unconscious 无意识” 是个人对所生活的城市焦点和对环境美学的关注。 书中记录了了解自己生活环境的人的无意识习性,也反映了马来西亚柔佛新山正在进行的城市化进程所带来的问题。希望通过此书本的强烈设计获得大众关注并提升马来西亚人对城市美化与美感意识。

Editorial Design (Self-Publication) 
6.5 x9.5in, 80 pages