︎The Missing Menu

Due to the Movement Control Order in Malaysia, the people were not allowed to dine in but the only takeaway for the past several months. Thus the order delivery has become the only way and various digital branding appeared on social media to attract everyone. However, the old restaurants were forced to cease as they are not adapted to the digital pace and some restaurants have also closed down as they have lost 80% of their customers under the epidemic. Thus I collected the menus from four restaurants that stopped their journey and redesigned their menus with the impression of the physical restaurant. The four selected restaurants played a crucial place in the memory of few local generations. I hope that people can find through the restaurant information and menus in the book and take photos and save the printed menus they see. After all, if the restaurant disappears one day, the prints will be the last physical record.

马来西亚因行动管制令下,人们过去长达几个月无法堂食而只能点外卖。于是点餐外卖成为唯一方式,社交媒体上也出现各种花样的电子营销方式吸引大家。一些老餐厅因不适应电子营销失去经营优势进而无法负荷,部分餐厅也则因失去80%客源而倒闭。于是我再次搜集了四家无法继续经营的餐厅的菜单,并以曾经餐厅的实体店面印象对菜单重新进行视觉设计。选择这四家餐厅是因为在当地几代人的回忆中占有重要的位置 。希望读者们通过书上的餐厅信息及菜单进行寻找并同时拍照保存所看到的印刷菜单。毕竟,如果哪天餐厅消失了,那纸质菜单肯定是最后存在的实体记录。

Zine (Self-Publishing)
4.25 x 9.25 in  / 24 pages